Upgrade solutions
technological brands

The innovation path by which we support the transition from classical e-commerce solutions to systems equipped with state-of-the-art conversational virtual assistants, virtual reality, and Big Data Analysis services consists of five key steps. The goal, common to all the proposed models, is a new and effective customer experience.


Upgrade solutions
technological brands

Step1 | From e-commerce portal to OpenMall

The customer has the opportunity to enter OpenMall free of charge. It will only take a few clicks to create your own storefront within our Marketplace, or alternatively import via API connectors, the catalog of your own online shop

Step2 | From traditional navigation to virtual assistants

The first high-tech solution we propose to support business growth is the PowerBot OpenMall. Implementable both within the website and in the e-commerce platform, Sara is the Virtual Assistant in Artificial Intelligence programmed specifically for businesses.

Step3 | From e-commerce site to 3D Concept Store

OpenMall revolutionizes the concept of e-commerce, encouraging the adoption of new interaction mechanisms. The transposition of the site into its Concept Store 3D version, offers the possibility to engage visitors more by leveraging the customization that will creatively characterize the space.

Step4 | From 3D Concept Store to 3D Openmall.

Through specific technology, the mall is fully virtualized in 3D allowing a 360-degree experience from any device (primarily mobile) either in direct mode or virtual mode with a viewer.

Step5 | From the 3D Openmall to the OpenMall Metaverse.

The next evolution of the project will be the mirror transposition of the Mall in the metaverse. The store already a customer of Openmall 3D will have a pre-emption on the purchase of the NFT space and template in OMM (Open- Mall metaverse).

The online commerce revolution...Openmall

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