AI for logistics

Openmall presents LogisThink

Integrated solution for logistics gerstion through artificial intelligence

LogisThink, an integrated solution for logistics management through AI

Openmall, thanks to its technologies, has decided to bring to the market the world’s most innovative solution for the Logistics sector. With LogisThink, a thinking logistics, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into logistics processes, our solution revolutionizes order entry management from start to finish.

The Benefits of LogisThink

Multichannel Order Entry

Order taking: via website, virtual assistant, CRM and AI app for automatic data extraction from customer documents/orders.

Maximum Accessibility: Customers can place orders through their preferred channel.

Elimination of Errors: Reduction of errors through automatic data extraction.

Intelligent order allocation

Advanced algorithm: assigns orders to vehicles and drivers considering availability, load type, destinations and current location of vehicles.

Resource Optimization: Reduced costs and increased efficiency in order allocation.

Faster Deliveries: Route optimization for faster deliveries.

Real-time tracking

GPS system: tracks the fleet in real time, assessing whether vehicles in close proximity can handle the delivery more efficiently.

Complete Visibility: Constant monitoring of the fleet.

Adaptability: Quick response to changes in delivery.

Automatic validation and billing

Validation of delivery: by signed photograph sent by the driver
to the virtual assistant, alerting the office and activating the billing process.

Secure Validation: Incontestable proof of delivery.

Continuous Process: Reducing the time between delivery and payment.

Proprietary patent

Woldwide proprietary patented solution

SaaS Solution

Software-as-a-Service can be integrated via API


Highly innovative solution combining new technologies


The system can handle conversations in multiple languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Romanian, Chinese, and Russian)

Evolved assistants

The system has developed evolved Virtual Assistants that learn over time and provide infallible real-time Customer Care and Support service

3D Store

Thanks to the team’s compentence and continuous pursuit of tech upgrades
Platform evolutions are guaranteed to provide an unparalleled hyper-realistic user experience

``Decision Making``

System AI is also useful in helping the entrepreneur in “decision making” processes


The platform evolves following market trends, and the possibility of authentic shopping experiences in the metaverse ensures its undisputed success

LogisThink’s ecosystem is 100% scalable

The platform is fully scalable based on the
customer needs that can configure every aspect and integrate
To external systems and data via API

Data Mining & Suggestion

Analyzing data collected by the system to identify hidden correlations and recurring patterns to guide users

Data storage

Information storage for structured (database) and unstructured (no-sql engine) data

Other Features

Authentication, hosting, video streaming, sharing, gamification, content management.

Mixed Reality

Virtual World, 3D Space, ADV Spaces in VR, AR, XR from any device

Businass Intelligence

Monitoring data and other insights

Personal avatar

Personal avatar configurations for the individual user.

Powerbot Engine

Creation of advanced virtual assistants for semantic interpretation of user requests.

User Clustering

Algorithms for grouping users with similar characteristics.

It translates into.

Reduced errors, optimized resources, improved customer experience, and more efficient logistics management.

Adopt this solution now to transform logistics, staying abreast of industry challenges and anticipating future needs.


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