Innovative ideas, market knowledge and vertical expertise to develop technology solutions

We support companies in the technology upgrade process by providing tools designed to ensure access to immersive experiences. The user becomes the center of new interaction mechanisms.


The synergistic combination of expertise and understanding triggers progress.


We are guided by ethics, passion, analytical spirit. Through experience and guided by imagination, we identify methodologies capable of connecting creativity with innovation, with maximum transparency.


We intend to accompany companies and customers on the digital transformation journey, offering easily accessible, virtual shopping and sharing experiences that are functional for the delivery of an extended range of services.


We aim to improve the world, the digital marketplace, as well as people’s lives. We want to become the provider of choice for entry into innovative scenarios, promoting ethical and balanced use of technology.


Key points


Vertical competencies for service modulation

Gennaro Calì

CEO & Sales Manager

CEO & Sales Manager
Massimo Spica

Business Development & VR AR XR Manager

Co-Founder & CCO
Ernesto Di Iorio

CIO & AI Manager

Founder & CEO
David Orto

Legal & Contractual

Co-Founder & CCO

Operations team

In addition to the management team, OpenMall is complete with an operations area composed of highly qualified external figures, divided into the areas EDUCATION – SALES – (STRATEGIC) ADVISORING

Team education

Simone BaglioniCTO

Elijah White Team

Bianca Maria Mori Team

Charles Youth Team

Alessia Castellazzi Team

Team sales

Gennaro Calì Sales Manager

Mauro Ciullini Team

Gianluigi Russo Team

+ about 20 external collaborations (Professionals and Companies)

Team advising

Alessandro Ricci Blockchain Advisor

Massimiliano Cappellato Financial Advisor

Claudio Mantica Communication Advisor