The Play to Earn app allows you to accumulate credits, which can be spent in the game environment and within OpenMall

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The game model

The game is set on the surface of a square. The playable character will be facing the side next to the viewer, on the left side of the frame.

On the “tap,” made to jump over the obstacle, the landscape will flow covering a predetermined distance, with the character arranged in its initial position. The player will then have to juggle the natural barriers along the path, trying to imagine at each jump, what will be the character’s landing point (thus considering the background displacement)

The system of appearance of collectibles

Character advancement increases the value of a counter not visible to the player. When the character dies by hitting an obstacle, thus interrupting the run, the counter resets to zero.

A formula will relate the quantitative measure of the player’s “talent” (i.e., counter value) to the in-game appearance of coins and other collectibles.
Along the road traveled by the character will be arranged collectibles categorized by type and obtainable skin: character skin, obstacle skin, theme skin, platform skin, coin skin, etc.

Using the credits collected in-game

Coins accumulated over the course of the game can be spent in 2 ways


In the Shop, to purchase the skins of the various components


To continue a run interrupted by death (Respawn), restarting from the last sequence played

Ready to go into action?

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