Play to earn

The Play to Earn App allows users to accumulate credits, spendable withing the game and inside OpenMall

Fun here, knows no limits. The application allows everyone to purchase collectibles at any time, in several ways and offers the opportunity to invite other users to join the party.

Game Model
Collectibles Spawning System
Usage of In-Game Collected Credits

The Game Model

The game is set on the surface of a cube. The playable character will be facing the side near the camera, on the left side of the frame.

Upon tapping to jump over an obstacle, the landscape will scroll, covering a predetermined distance, while keeping the character positioned at its initial point. The player must then navigate through the natural barriers along the path, trying to anticipate the character’s landing point with each jump (considering the background movement).

The Collectibles Spawning System

The character’s progress increases the value of a counter not visible to the player. When the character dies by colliding with an obstacle, thus ending the run, the counter resets.

An algorythm will relate the quantitative measure of the player’s “skill” (the meter value) to the appearance of coins and other collectibles in the game.
Along the character’s path, categorized collectibles will spawn, including character skins, obstacle skins, theme skins, platform skins, coin skins, etc.

Usage of In-Game Collected Credits

The coins accumulated
during the game can
be spent in 2 ways:


In the Shop, to purchase skins for various components.


To continue a run interrupted by death, starting from the last played sequence.

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