Features, Usage Modes and Circuit of OPEN Token, the Utility Token of OpenMall

The OPEN utility token represents a fundamental tool for the project growth, serving as a transactional commodity available to the Community for purchasing goods and accessing specific services.

Technical Note


TokenUsage in the Mall and its Specular Transposition in the Metaverse

Within the OpenMall ecosystem and its extension into the metaverse, the OPEN Token is the utility token required for the blockchain access, NFT purchases, and reward systems. Additionally, it is used to make purchases and payments for goods and services in the 3D version and in the interaction with the physical stores of participating brands through a specific point of sale (POS) system.

Technical Note

The Relationship between OPEN Token
and OMM

Open Token

The OPEN Token is a utility token based on the Ethereum ERC-20 smart contract standard.


OpenMall Metaverse (OMM) is a global platform based on the Polygon layer 2 of the Ethereum Blockchain.

OMM utilizes the Polygon blockchain to decentralize all token exchange dynamics among users. For this reason, OMM will allow the entire community to contribute to the project’s development, ensuring the ability to insert their content (e.g., template proposals, skins, etc.) into the NFT Marketplace.


To discover all the Tokenomics details, please refer to the dedicated section of the Whitepaper.