Open: OpenMall Token

Open Token, what it is and what you can do in OpenMall

Within the OpenMall ecosystem and its extension into the metaverse, the OPEN token is the utility token required for blockchain entry, NFT purchase and rewards system as well as to be used to make purchases and payments for goods and services in the 3D version and in interaction with the physical shops of participating brands through specific pos.

How the Blockchain works

The blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that serves to record transactions, keep track of assets and consolidate trust. It can also track orders, payments, accounts and much more. Members share a single view of the truth, so it is possible to see all the details of a transaction end-to-end in a transparent and often more efficient manner.

Each time a transaction takes place, it is recorded as a 'block' of data and each block is linked to those preceding and following it. Transactions are locked together in an irreversible chain: each additional block reinforces the verification of the previous block and thus of the entire blockchain. This makes the blockchain tamper-proof, offering the key element of immutability.

Blockchain and the platform of choice

In order to accelerate the development of the OpenMall application especially in a meta-verse perspective, OpenMall srl decided to launch the OPEN token through a private fundraising and pre-sales system based on DeFi (Decentralised Finance) where there is no need to wait to buy/sell tokens and thus the sale of tokens takes place immediately.

 The tokens are created on the Polygon blockchain (ERC20 standard). After the tokens have been sold, they will most likely be listed via Uniswap.