The interactive virtual platform that marks the fusion of social commerce and artificial intelligence, in a space that offers infinite forms of interaction among people.

OpenMall will enable immersive shopping and exchange experiences, combining online shopping, personalized assistance, and the pleasure of real-time interaction within members of the social community.

Key Elements
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Key Elements

Features of the
OpenMall universe

Multiplayer Avatars

Using MyAI, users’ personalized AIs, real individuals can visit the spaces of the Mall’s Metaverse to interact, make purchases, attend meetings and take part in other activities.


AI avatars, beyond serving as personal shoppers for brands and customers, become sources of information and interests sharing.


OPEN, the utility token of the OpenMall ecosystem, will facilitate purchases and the management of services utilization, both in the metaverse and in real life.

Blockchain and NFTs

In addition to the security provided by the blockchain, subsequent implementations will enable the creation, use, purchase and sale of various types of NFTs.

Meet your Digital Twin

Sara and Beyond!

The perfect Virtual Assistant has a name – Sara. This software represents the latest achievement of technological progress, the result of innovation introduced by OpenMall in the field of artificial intelligence.
Programmed to support consumers and businesses, Sara fulfills the role of a Personal Shopper, operating within the OpenMall ecosystem in the form of a hyper-realistic Metahuman.

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Choose Your Level of

Furthermore, through the MyAI feature, OpenMall users can take on the role of Sara or other available Avatars, moving freely within the OpenMall universe.

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We have believed in the impossible, transforming ideas into reality, data into the metaverse.
We call home” the place where everyone will acquire and exchange information, “Sharing community” the collective of people with whom we will share experiences of consumption and entertainment, in a three-dimensional dimension designed to accommodate our digital identities.
The OpenMall metaverse becomes a communication tool for companies, a new means to engage current and potential customers, anticipating market evolutions.
Trust the process to generate results.