The Future is now

We are the first AI-managed Social Commerce platform for individuals and companies. We transform ideas into immersive experiences through interactive 3D platforms, virtual assistants, and mixed reality.

From traditional e-commerce
to innovative
state-of-the-art solutions

Infinite configuration possibilities

Sources of Competitive Advantage

OpenMall connects people
with brands through solutions
that integrate:

Artificial Intelligence Central

System of advanced algorithms that manages the central database and monitors the touchpoints
composing the customer journey.

Machine learning

Solutions designed to outline consumer profiles, providing targeted assistance, product suggestions,
and post-sale services, facilitating cross-selling activities.

Natural language processing

Intelligent conversational system programmed to allow virtual assistants to process and understand the
characteristic of each natural language.

Other technologies

Conversational virtual assistants, Neural Networks, Big Data Analysis, Blockchain, and NFTs, 3D
pixel streaming, VR AR XR, and payment methods.

Immersive User Experience


3D e VR

The Mall is fully virtualized in 3D, offering a 360° immersive experience from any device.


Space becomes a persistent virtual reality, accessible via multiplayer online login as multiple users can coexist simultaneously within it.


Integrating augmented reality (AR) into physical space or mixed reality (XR) withing the web Mall enriches the interaction between personal avatars and virtual assistants with emotional, non-verbal, and paraverbal input.

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