The Future is now

We create, through the most innovative technologies, our vision to bring benefits to people and companies.

What we Do

From upgrading your website's technology to the metaverse via OpenMall 3D

We accompany companies in an incredible new way of interaction by offering users and stores a unique and personalized experience based on their needs to the point of taking them, through their avatars, into an extraordinary XR metaverse with artificial intelligence, blockchain and NFT.

Store 3D with AI.

Our first goal is to facilitate technology upgrades for brands from classic e-commerce solutions to innovative solutions with next-generation conversational virtual assistants, virtual reality, and big data analysis services for a new and effective customer experience. Add this extraordinary experience to your current site with one click.

OpenMall 3D

The second step is to support the growth, visibility and sales of our customers by giving them the opportunity to join the OpenMall ecosystem, a 3D virtual shopping mall with a community of millions of profiled users with whom stores can interact and do business, including through an immersive experience such as in VR or the multiplayer avatar version of the Metaverse.

Full Integration

Users and brands freely decide the desired level of immersiveness by switching to the increasingly advanced solution with a click. In this way we realize a continuum and synchronous integration between the various worlds, physical, virtual and metaverse: what happens in one world affects the others and vice versa.

OpenMall metaverse

The next evolution will then be the mirror version of the 3D Mall in the metaverse. The store that is already a customer of Openmall 3D will have a pre-emption on the purchase of the NFT space and templates in OMM (OpenMall metaverse). In the metaverse then, spaces, store templates, adv spaces, avatars and their skins, additional services, etc., can be purchased through specific NFTs using the OPEN Token.


The evolution of the project tends toward OPEN UNIVERSE after OpenMall there are already other solutions in the pipeline such as:
OpenExpo – Fairs and Events
OpenWork – SmartWorking & e-Learning
OpenArt – Art and Culture
OpenTravel – Travel and Tourism


The future goal will be to interconnect OpenMall and its metaverses and stores with other metaverses in a multiverse perspective in order to exponentially increase customer visibility and reachability and enhance the user experience.


Central system of evolved algorithms that manages the database and tracks the customer journey.


The platform integrates an intelligent conversational system by which virtual assistants understand and process natural language in different languages

Machine Learning

Trained solutions to understand user intentions, provide support and assistance, creating a system of profiling, product suggestions, services and cross-selling.


Avatars, multimodal virtual assistants, dashboards and big data analytics, ADV, gamification, blockchain, NFT, e-commerce.


Anywhere at any time

You choose which mode you want to experience it. 


3D & VR

The space is fully virtualized in 3D allowing a 360° experience from any device.



Si crea la possibilità di far interagire in maniera sempre più reale persone, oggetti e assistenti virtuali.



Persistent and synchronous virtual reality space to do everything you can do in the real world.