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Your Office in the Metaverse? It’s Already Reality for Many Companies

Isn’t it unpleasant to go to work, open the window (if the cold allows), and have a view of nothing but the gray and dreary cityscape, right? An office in the metaverse could be the solution!

Metaverse and Companies

On October 17th, during Meta Connect, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the Meta Quest Pro. It’s a metaverse-dedicated headset for businesses. The Facebook founder referred to it as “the only monitor you’ll actually need.”

It might seem like a distant reality in Italy, but a study by The Innovation Group and Web3 Alliance revealed that in reality, 7% of companies in our country already have a pilot project in the metaverse.

An Office in the Metaverse

Iacopo Innocenti, a lawyer from Florence, came up with the idea of moving his office to the metaverse. He purchased his “virtual building” on Via Alfieri (where his physical office is located) and, to return to the initial question, he created an office with a view of Santa Maria del Fiore and Palazzo Vecchio. He could even opt for a more suggestive location, like a Maldives atoll.

An entrepreneur from Sicily, Arduino Leone, went even further. He is the founder of D-Service, a company specialized in reproducing studios and offices in the metaverse, like the one for Confapi Sicilia. The Web 3.0 workspace currently offers five tools: a filing cabinet for consulting and exchanging documents, a PC for video conferencing, a television for viewing advertising material, an avatar for chat communication, and a totem to save time in reaching a specific location.

However, the first company in Italy to enter the metaverse was the Cna (National Confederation of Craftsmanship). During an online training event attended by over 300 entrepreneurs, discussions revolved around the potential and future developments of the metaverse, with around a hundred people virtually participating in the meeting through the Spatial platform. So, what are you waiting for to create your 3.0 office?