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Metaverse and TV: An even More Immersive Experience

Movies and TV series inherently possess the characteristic of engaging, captivating, and keeping legions of fans glued to the screen. The most devoted fans participate in intense live-tweeting sessions and are inclined to purchase additional products such as merchandise and video games. However, now is the time to step into the metaverse and exponentially increase one’s level of engagement.

The First Metaverse Series

Comedian Maccio Capatonda stars in “Maccioverse,” the first series where viewers can interact with the show’s characters by creating their own avatars. On September 25th, the premiere took place on the Czech platform Somnium Space, marking the first fully metaverse-based TV series. The following day, the five episodes of “Maccioverse” were released, and they are available for streaming on the Elisium platform.

The Metaverse Enables the First Transmedia Film

Do you recall the movie “Nirvana” by Gabriele Salvatores, beloved by video game enthusiasts? The film, featuring actors like Diego Abatantuono, Claudio Bisio, and Valerio Staffelli, returns after 25 years in an immersive experience that unfolds in real-time through social media, the metaverse, a podcast, and an Alternate Reality Game (ARG). Starting from December 15th, old and new characters will interact in real-time with both the audience and the director on the platform “The Nemesis,” within the virtual space of Rai Cinema. The transmedia remake will have its premiere during a lecture by Salvatores at the University La Sapienza’s Conference Center in Athens, hosted by the Department of Communication and Social Research.

Rai Cinema and the Metaverse: The First Virtual Short Film

Rai Cinema is always at the forefront, as evidenced by Italy’s first metaverse short film. On November 8th, Edoardo Natoli’s “Solitaire” was projected in the same virtual space as “Nirvana.” The following day, the short film was released on Rai Cinema Channel, Rai Cinema’s free online on-demand platform. This journey began in 2019 when the national broadcaster launched its first virtual reality app. Rai Cinema’s metaverse, accessible from PCs or smartphones without the need for registration, allows viewers to watch cinematic content for free, experience streaming events, explore NFT exhibitions, interact with iconic cinema objects, and explore the world of Rai Cinema. Gone are the days of 3D glasses from the early 2010s; now, VR is the new medium for cinematic enjoyment.