Interconnected virtual experiences accessible through Internet, where you are represented in three dimensions through your avatar to experience incredible and endless new ways of interaction between people, companies and more.



We can say it is a kind of 3D internet, a persistent virtual reality space linked to an online multiplayer experience: many users can exist simultaneously and interact in infinite ways. People can meet and shop but also collaborate, play, work, walk, watch films and concerts, and do everything they could do in the real world and, most importantly, the metaverse still interacts with the real world in multiple


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Social Commerce in a 3D Mall setting with avatars and AI personal shoppers evolving in a metaverse for an incredible experience of integration between physical and virtual.


It is OpenMall's suite of services and solutions completely dedicated to the world of trade fairs and events created through new paradigms and business models.


Smart working and the office of the future. Virtual, portable and global; with personal artificial intelligence and virtual assistants. Packed with incredible solutions and services.


A museum or exhibition visited virtually, with content accessed and explained by virtual assistants in an easy way and with the possibility of purchasing goods and NFT.


Move around the planet exploring, as if you were really there, all the places you have always dreamt of and organise your real trip at the best price with the virtual travel agent.

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