OpenMall is the largest social commerce entirely run by artificial intelligence that through an interactive 3D platform, virtual assistants and mixed reality offers users and stores a unique and customised experience that evolves into a dedicated metaverse.

The openmall project envisages three possible solutions 


It represents the largest immersive space between users and the commercial offer of the various shops. Rich in additional services (banking, cinema, gaming, etc.) and with a strong social community and advertising component.


We replicate real shopping centres and outlets for an incredible experience of convergence between physical and virtual. You can make a faithful copy or use a modular 3D space.


In one place, the global offer of a brand. With a 3D structure designed around the customer's needs and able to contain all the worldwide stores that usually have the same concept and pricing.

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Why OpenMall

OpenMall is not just a virtual shopping mall: the system, designed at 360 degrees, will provide the user with an innovative shopping experience that combines the concept of online shopping with the value ofpersonalised assistance and the pleasure ofreal time interaction, thanks to the Livechat function that allows the user to interact with the social community.

The virtual assistants of the individual store in the interaction with the consumer, are connected to the central database OpenMall from which they acquire important information about the customer by facilitating the customer satisfaction and cross selling.

Customer Centric

The customer/user is at the centre of the vision of OpenMall: thanks to our profiling system, the advanced algorithms used by the platform are able to track the customer journey and save their preferences in the Mall's database. Each user's personal shopper will be able to communicate customised proposals and promotionsbased on the products and services displayed or purchased, but also through comments and shares, exchanged in the community.

AI Experience: the beating heart of the Mall

The online shopping experience in OpenMall is enhanced by Artificial Intelligence technologies, an indispensable plus to make a difference in the market, and the power of 5G.

The platform integrates an intelligent conversational systemwith which the virtual assistants in the Mall understand and process natural language using Natural Language Processing. To do this, they use machine learning trained to understand the user's intentions to provide support, assistance and product suggestions and able to constantly update the status of the conversation according to these intentions.

An ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence technologies enriched by the most innovative applications of AR VR XR, Instant Payment, Video Streaming, Blockchain etc., for a totally immersive experience.

What the customer can do

Relying on your virtual personal shopper to support your purchasing choices

Interacting with the digital shop assistant to get information on products, brands and prices


Chatting in real time with the shopping community

Having customised proposals on your dashboard, based on products viewed or purchased

Access to initiatives and experiences related to different services (gaming, cinema, tourism, cultural meetings)

Customer benefits

Choose what to buy from the comfort of homebrowsing through the windows of the virtual Mall, avoiding stress and long queues at the checkout.

Enjoy the unexpected meeting with your friends shopping community and interact with them in real time.

Always carry your virtual assistant, a true personal shopper who knows your needs and supports you in the purchase phase, from product selection to payment.

Discover the benefits of the virtual wallet for collect loyalty points and benefit from discounts and promotions, thanks to the cashback system.


What the store manager can do

Advertising the online shop in the virtual promotional spaces of the Mall

Giving life to a virtual salesperson that interact with the customers connected to the Mall

MANAGE a dashboard where real time promos can be sent to Mall users

Having a virtual warehouse always updated with the physical store

Integrate and enhance your e-commerce in the MALL o Build your own shop in a dynamic 3D digital version

Benefits for stores

Create the  ideal target of your Mall, designed for your store.

Rely on the profiling system and add customised promotions, offers and proposals to the user's dashboard.

Personalise your 3D virtual assistant with the Digital Human Interface system

Register or create your e-commerce within the platform

Promote your products with sponsorships on the Mall platform, which will be displayed on the users' dashboard.



with sponsorships on the Mall platform, which will be displayed on the users' dashboard.The social component in the Mall's immersive environment will be of great impact: the user will be able to knowing in real time who is visiting the Mallchat with them and meet new users to exchange opinions, preferences or suggest purchasing experiences.

We are looking for Investors

The Openmall project is constantly evolving, so we are looking for investors to accelerate the development of all the technologies and solutions in our roadmap.


Payment System

The payment system in OpenMall provides for the following management methods:


Multi cart/Multi shop


Multi acquiring


Multi Currency


Split Payment


Recurring Payment


Personal and AI

Everyone can choose their own avatar and customise it to move, as we wish, in the metaverse. Virtual AI assistants are also present in this space to support, guide and interact with us.


Define your avatar or choose from the catalogue


Active Virtual Assistant or PNG mode

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